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Camp Management Software

What we do: 
Camp Wizard is a web-based camp management system targeting education and lifestyle enrichment camps. There are a variety of camp management programs you might find, but rest assured that we have the only software that focuses on this niche market. We’ll work with any high school, community college, university, or other higher center of learning center offering enrichment camps for people of all ages.

Who we are:
We’re just a few passionate folks working for a technology company called GlowTouch Technologies in Louisville, Kentucky. We noticed a need that wasn’t being met. Now it is.

So what’s the story, really?Vidya
CampWizard is an offshoot of a product called STEM Wizard, a software management program specifically designed for science fairs. STEM Wizard is the brainchild of our founder, Vidya Ravichandran. In 2012, she volunteered as a judge for her daughter’s science fair competition. After witnessing the chaotic, cumbersome experience of managing a science fair, something just clicked for her. She saw an opportunity, and we’ve been able to cut down administrative time by 75%. The rest is history.

STEM Wizard is now being used all over the country to manage science fairs at all ages and levels. One satisfied university client had an idea of her own, and she asked us if we could provide the same platform to manage the university’s summer education and lifestyle enrichment camps. It made perfect sense, and the process was easy for us to execute. After a little research, we realized the entire market was under-served by the traditional “summer camp management software.” So here we are trailblazing again. Go us.